Minimize Inflammation

Minimize Inflammation

How to minimize inflammation in body (and reverse the chronic diseases)

  1. Diet & Nutrition   Consultation available with MYBODY4LIFE physician.

What to eat: Briefly avoid sugar, processed foods, minimize carbohydrates (except green vegetables), and consume good fats and proteins.

When to eat:  Practice fasting, at the minimal carbohydrates (except green vegetables), consume good fats and proteins.

When to eat:  Practice fasting, using minimal intermittent fasting, with a window of 8 – 10 hours of feeding and 14 – 16 hours of fasting. Non caloric liquids can be consumed during fasting, eg. Water, tea, coffee (no sugar or milk etc).

How much to eat: Generally, eat less, just enough to get all the nutrients that you need and no more. You are eating to nourish your body and not to please your taste buds. Remember, you are in charge, not your taste buds or your pleading body.  Overeating leads to inflammation and can ultimately lead to chronic diseases.  If you consistently eat good fats and protein, eat green vegetables as your carbs, and avoid processed foods, you will not have the urge to over-eat.  So get rid of all those processed foods in your pantry, fridge and freezer.

  1. Exercise and movement. Not going to elaborate much. Both lifting and cardio plus regular daily movements. Most people know what to do. Just do it. Getting a Tracker, Fitbit, or Oura Ring are adequate. Trackers really help, and also act as a declaration of commitment.
  2. Sleep. Adequate sleep is essential to decreasing inflammation and building good immunity. Digital trackers help and will indicate the hours of actual sleep (not just how many hours in bed) and the quality of sleep. We have medical grade herbal supplements to aid sleep naturally.