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norika kawai   d.o.m. a.p. 

doctor of oriental medicine 

licensed acupuncture physician 


 recommended by professional athletes 

  • Dr. Kawai is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and an Acupuncture Physician who specializes in sports medicine, pain management, weight loss program, aesthetic treatment and immune enhancement.  Norika has been treating a number of high profile Major League Baseball Players with very successful results, especially dealing with injury cases. Her patient's lists are also NBA, PGA, LPGA players, bodybuilders, ballet dancers and many amateur athletes. She is an expert in helping athletes with injury cases, pre and post-surgery treatments, muscle tension, posture correction, and improving their mobility, concentration, and emotional stress.

  • Dr. Kawai is also a certified acupoint injection therapy practitioner and she administers homeopathic injections to treat facial rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, pain management, immune enhancement, flu prevention, allergy prevention and vitamin B12 injections. 

  • Dr. Norika has been in the healthcare industry since the year 2000 and also a former fitness trainer providing fitness and wellness programs along with customized nutritional programs for individuals. She has developed, planned and executed programs ranging from weight management to unique strength training and created nutritional programs for individual clients based on contemporary science combined with traditional oriental medicine. Norika is originally from Japan and she is also a writer and entrepreneur who is inventing a few health products.