Pain Management

Pain Management

M. G. I have experienced chronic pain in my knees, lower back and shoulder. After several visits to Dr. Norika where she applied acupuncture, laser and manual treatments there has been a significant improvement. The knee and back pain have diminished. The range of motion in my shoulder and my overall flexibility have increased markedly. In addition to her obvious technical expertise she has outstanding interpersonal skills. She is warm, caring and a very good listener. You can sense that she is committed to having a positive effect on her patients’ lives. I highly recommend Dr. Norika.

N. T. I was referred to Dr. Norika Kawai by my neurosurgeon. I have suffered from chronic back and hip pain for four years and have gone from doctors, to physical therapy trials, and chiropractic care with no relief from pain. Although I am at the beginning stages of my treatment with Dr Norika, I can say that I am feeling some relief At the onset. She is also helping me with sleep issues and better weight management. I found her caring, a good listener, empathetic and above all, well-trained and skilled in her profession. I am hopeful for the first time in a long time that she will be able to help me out of my chronic and debilitating pain.

R. C. This woman is amazing! I have had over 23 back surgeries after a burst fracture and honestly didn't think that I would ever feel normal again. After her treatment, I feel better than I have in a very very long time. I am so thankful. I would HIGHLY recommend. Thank you Dr!

N. B. I was referred to Doc Norika after dealing with a lot of pain and agony and trying to deal with our normal medical system. I am an ex equestrian athlete that got hurt many times during my quest to make the US Olympic team, I didn’t make the team but qualified to try out in Gladstone NJ and was the youngest ever to qualify at age 17. I went to a Dr. about 8 years ago and he told me that I may need meniscus surgery if the pain gets too bad, He asked me what sport I played in school and he told me that’s typical in my sport but there is a long recovery period. Life went on and after marriage children and career, I had a massive coronary and a major surgery at age 60. It took me over 6 months to semi recover and I felt lousy, then I met with Doc Norika. After 3 months of her treatment of acupuncture, pain management and her shots of B-12 and natural meds, as well as her dietary guidance, I am a different man and feel 99% healed!! Her Eastern Medical skills have helped me become the new Ned and I really appreciate what she has done for me. I would highly recommend Doc Norika for all of her skills and for anyone that has pain looking for an alternative before any type of surgery and her Nutritional Diet works for anyone looking to lose weight.

L. M. Dr. Norika was very helpful in making me understand my back pain. She went above and beyond with me showing me proper stretching and checking in on me that evening and next day to make sure I was not having any discomfort.

R. G. Dr Norika is hands down the best in the business. She really took a lot of time addressing my injury and administering the proper treatment: acupuncture, laser and massage. She was prompt and delivered what she promised. I never felt uncomfortable or remotely questioned her abilities. I will be a regular. Thank you for taking a lot of time and helping me. Highly recommended!!! 10 out of 10.

K. S. Very knowledgeable and professional. Understands the body well. It is very refreshing to alleviate the body's ailments through means other than pills.

L. C. I highly recommend Dr.Kawai. Very knowledgeable and professional with great communication skills in understanding the body and it's issues. Her Holistic methods were a Plus for me!

M. A. Very knowledgeable and professional. She really know how to treat your back. Just one session, and my back felt so much better. Definitely going in for more treatments.

E.R. Dr. Kawai is one of the best acupuncturists I have been too. Extremely knowledgeable and displays the utmost professionalism. I would recommend her to everyone. She even helped my uncle with severe psoriatic arthritis and the results were amazing. Once again, try Dr. Norika Kawai. You having nothing to lose but everything to gain.
Great experience. Looking forward to next visit. Very professional and very comfortable.

R. M. I have had a wonderful experience with Dr Kawaii. Very thorough and caring. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Would highly recommend her to everyone.

T. S. I suffered severe neck pain due to my diligent training before competitions. Dr. Kawai diagnosed my symptoms and put together a treatment schedule. After the first few treatments my neck pain was gone completely and I was able to focus on the competition. She relaxed me with my stress before the show and it really helped me. She is very knowledgeable, caring and trust her work. I'll never use anyone else and highly recommend her for treating neck pain and other ailments.